Tindall -v- Spencer/Scriven

Mr Tindall was hired as a subcontractor, by a limited company to carry out manual labour. When the work was completed and checked, the work was unsatisfactory and dangerous, and the limited company refused to pay until the work was rectified. Mr Tindall then took the company directors (Spencer/Scriven) to court, rather than taking the limited company. Upon 3 hearings spanning throughout 2020 and 2021, the case was dimissed in its entirity due to the claimant (Mr Tindall) taking the wrong legal entitiy to court. Outcome: Claim dismissed.

DHD -v- PayPal

DHD used PayPal as a merchant for their online sales website. PayPal decided to close DHD's account with over £2000 inside, and refused to release the funds for 180 days. DHD took PayPal to court for breaching PayPals own user agreement, loss of earnings, and to have their funds released earlier than 180 days.

PayPal lost in court to DHD, funds were released, within 30 days of their account being closed, but DHD then decided they did no longer want a PayPal account.
Outcome: Judgement for the claimant.

Jones -v- Network 3

Mr Jones took Network 3 (H3G) to court for breach of contract. Three (3) were overcharging Mr Jones by 5 times his monthly contract. When Mr Jones tried to sort the situationm amicably with Three, they ignored him and sent him pre-written letters. Mr Jones then started legal action against Three, and Three settled out of court, closing his account immediatly, and refunding him the money they overcharged him.
Outcome: Settled out of court in the claimants favour.

Rustic Shelving -v- Towerview Developments

Rustic Shelving rented a building from Towerview Developments for commercial reasons. When the lease ended, and Rustic Shelving moved out, Towerview Developments stated that Rustic Shelving left the building in an appauling state, ans refused to give their deposit back to them.

Rustic Shelving took photos and videos of the building before they handed the keys back over showing no damage, and that the unit was left in better condition than when they originally moved in. Towerview Developments still refused to pay the deposit back.

Rustic Shelving then started legal action against Towerview Developments. Towerview Developments then settled out of court, paying the deposit back, and court fees.
Outcome: Settled Out Of Court

Mr L -v- Parcel2Go

Mr L hired Parcel2Go as the sales agent to find him the best deal for a courier. The courier damaged a £500 package. Parcel2Go refused to refund Mr L as he could not prove how the item was wrapped.

Mr L took Parcel2Go to court, Parcel2Go settled out of court, once the relevant documentation was received by them, and were made to pay for the item which was damaged, plus court fees.
Outcome: Settled out of court, in the claimants favour.

Regina (CPS) -v- Harris

Criminal Law - Domestic Abuse Mr Harris was wrongly accused of abusing a female he was dating. Mr Harris was held against his will by the female when she refused to let him leave the house, Mr Harris then pushed his way past her. The female then falsy accused Mr Harris of abusing her. In the females police statement, she claimed he had grabbed her around the neck, but when police attended and took photos of her, they were satisfied he had not assaulted her. Mr Harris was taken to the magistrates court, where the female admitted to making false statements against him, all charges were dropped. Outcome: Case Aquitted - Charges dropped.

Vertill -v- Tate

Mr Tate hired a firm of 'no win no fee' solicitors to act on his behalf when engaged in a car adcident. When Mr Tate cancelled his agreement within the 14 day cancellation period, Mr Tate thought that was the end of the matter, until over 5 years later, and without warning, Mr Tate received a letter from debt recovery agents, Vertill. Vertill constantly bombarded Mr Tate with legal threats to pay the outstanding balance of over £2000. Mr Tate then instructed Court-X to settle the case with Vertill. After a lengthy (out of court) battle, Vertill finally dropped the case against Mr Tate under a lack of evidence, and breach of protocol. Outcome: Claimant dropped the case.

Waite -v- Lord

Mr Waite hired Mr Lord, a videographer from Lancashire to produce a video for his business. Mr Lord failed to complete the service, and blocked his client from speaking to him. Mr Waite started legal action against Mr Lord, and following a 5 hour trial, Mr Waite won, and was awarded over £800 from his court claim. Outcome: Judgement for the claimant.