Your responsibilities: (The client)


I am aware, nobody at Court-X is legally trained, I am aware that nobody at Court-X works for a firm of solicitors. Nor is Court-X a legal firm. The advice I receive from Court-X is based purely on personal experience and knowledge of the law. I am aware, that if I lose my court case, I cannot claim against Court-X for any losses. I agree, that it is my responsibility to provide Court-X with the correct contact details, to prevent any data protection breaches.

All form submissions are dealt with in the strictest of confidence, unless Court-X suspect a crime is being committed/going to be committed, then Court-X will share my details with the relevant authorities.

It is the clients responsibility to provide Court-X with all relevant evidence in order to give better advice regarding the clients case.

If you instruct Court-X to act on your behalf in court, you will be liable for a fixed cost of minimum £24.99 to maximum £200, inclusive of expenses. Invoices must be paid 14 days before any court date, if payment is not received 14 days before, Court-X will not represent their client in court.

Our responsibilities: (Court-X)

Court-X will not share your information, or pass your information onto any third party, unless in the interest of crime prevention.

Court-X will give you their best advice based on the evidence you submit through this form.