Founded in 2020

Court-X was founded in 2020 to help the people of the United Kingdom understand their legal rights in both civil and criminal law. The founders of Court-X have had years of personal experience in dealing with civil disputes and complex court cases. Click here to see some of our cases.

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Our Vision

Not everybody can afford a solicitor, so when being threatened with legal action it can be quite scary. Speaking to someone who knows what you're going through, can really help. Here at Court-X, we draw upon our personal experiences to support and advise you. Our online advice is completely free of charge. Our free advice can range from a quick question about paying a bill, all the way to advising you on how to prepare for a full hearing at court. However, if you require more than online advise, there will be a small fee. Click on 'Instruct us' below for a list of services we offer.

 Scales of Justice

Mr. Jones

Founder, and civil law, contractual law specialist. 

Mr. Jones loves helping people through the legal system, and his passion is for justice. Mr. Jones started Court-X after defending, and winning over 25 court cases. Mr. Jones' knowledge in contractual law saw him take on giants, Three and PayPal, and secure over £5000 in recovered fees, and being able to get the best result for his client. Mr. Jones has also undertaken work with debt recovery, securing over £9,000 from defendants who, after losing in court, refused to pay their debts, Mr. Jones' expertise in recovery, saw that the claimant was awarded the full amount of their claim. 

Mr. Jones has also helped many individuals with debt collectors, by having companies chasing individuals cease their actions and drop their cases in its entirety.

Mr. Jones' most notable victory to date, is taking on PayPal and securing the full amount for his client.

Our Associates

We making a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill

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Every advisor at Court-X has a 'no-nonsense' approach to the law. We will use our robust methods to help you in your approach to your legal battle. All our advisors have had personal dealings with the law, wether criminal or civil, and understand how it can feel to be 'prayed' upon. We use our years of experience to make sure we give the best robust advice possible to help the outcome of your legal situation. We will leave no stone unturned in helping you understand the law and your rights.